Investment Information

A growing market...

Revenues in the dating app industry approached $3.1 Billion in 2020. This represents a growth of nearly 90 percent since 2015. Revenues are expected to increase to over $5 Billion by 2025.

1000 times more efficient...

People are spending 10 hours a week on their current dating apps. One Tinder user designed an app to automatically swipe right and it took them 25,000 swipes to get a date. Another user's swiping macro has now swiped over 200,000 times and he's still single.

Ripe for disruption 

Users are frustrated and looking for something new. Further, the market hasn’t had any major innovation since Tinder introduced the swiping model 10 years ago. Bumble has the same platform as Tinder with one minor tweak, women message first, and that was enough to shatter expectations and reach a billion-dollar evaluation quickly.  Users are seeking something new.

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