Our Philosophy

Get off your app!

Algorithms can't predict attraction.

It turns out algorithms can't actually predict human attraction. At all.  

"It is something we want to exist, like an easy weight loss plan"

 - Dr. Samantha Joel 

Overwhelming choice is bad.

Do you ever spend more time looking through the options on Netflix than actually watching shows? Too much choice makes us less likely to make a choice or to be satisfied with any choice we make. Don't do this with your romantic love life. 

Drop the checklist.

"I always worry when someone comes to me and says 'I want someone who...' and the list begins" 

"People are in relationships across these divides all the time"

Stop window shopping.

" The butterflies of an in-person conversation with a stranger simply cannot be replicated by swiping right or direct messaging. I live for the nervous moments of uncertainty when you first meet someone"